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About Us

25 YEARS of Uplifting Lives

Reaching the Poorest; Providing the Best!

The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) and many other studies are emphasizing that there is little to no access to quality education for rural populations in Tamil Nadu. Gaps in building basic fundamental survivability skills like reading and arithmetic abilities have deaccelerated development in vulnerable and remote communities.

AID India has recognized that social change and communal development can be brought by providing quality education to every child. Creating opportunities and helping them have access to resources and training to the unreached can enrich the lives of the young minds of our society. We also work to build homes and provide sustainable livelihoods for communities and poor families. AID India teams have brought visible changes in the lives of the most disadvantaged in the society and strive to do more in the days to come.

Our Vision

AID India aims to uplift the downtrodden communities, particularly the marginalized, and create avenues for the poor to escape generational poverty by providing quality education, healthcare, shelter, and sustainable livelihoods.

Our Approach

About Us

Model Schools

Two Eureka Schools were established in villages and among marginalized children to provide high quality and affordable education to children from these communities. Dedicated teachers with the passion to educate and child friendly learning environment makes Eureka Schools in these localities effective and fun.

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After-School Centers

Eureka After School Programs have established learning centers in villages with the goal to provide enhanced learning for children. Tutors are trained and locally appointed to conduct everyday classes and provide individual attention to each child. The learning centers also focus on skill enhancement and provide meals as a reward for attending sessions every day. The parents and other members of the village communities are greatly satisfied with the progress of their children.

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In-school Programs

In an attempt to improve quality learning in schools, learning, training and resource materials are given to teachers. With workbooks, worksheets, skill enhancement workshops and more, our teams ensure that the children are receiving adequate and quality learning experiences from teachers. Regular assessments and improvements help to make In-School Programs successful.

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Technology in Education

Eureka Tab Labs Program is an initiative to bring technology closer to children in middle and high schools to help them study better. With technology as an enabler, children can learn Math, English and science with greater understanding of the concepts and gain more practical application on graded apps. Children learn to study independently and enhance their learning experience through this program.

Our Team

AID India has brought together a robust mix of individuals from various sections of the society to come together and build a brighter future for the masses.
Our teams are deeply passionate towards each cause and share similar core principles and goals towards creating an equal society for all. They stay strong and committed towards the big picture to keep them moving forward at all times.
KS Ramamoorthy

Mr. K.S. Ramamoorthy

Balaji Sampath

Dr. Balaji Sampath


Dr. Dhamodharan

Joint Secretary
Chandra Anil

Ms. Chandra Anil


Ms. Smitha

Executive Committee Member

Dr. Radha

General Body Member

Ms. Gomathi

Founder Eureka School, General Body Member

Ms. Parvathi

Senior Project Director, General Body Member

Ms. Gowri Subramaniam

Executive Committee Member, Senior Project Director

Ms. Thara

Senior Project Director, General Body Member

Ms. Chamundeeswari

Executive Committee Member, Field Coordinator

Ms. Bharathi

Executive Committee Member