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Name: Krishnan Ramesh
From: Chennai
Institution: NMIMS, Mumbai
Bio: I am a mechanical engineer with a keen interest in automobiles. Worked in the automotive industry with Ashok Leyland before pursuing my MBA at NMIMS. Hobbies include Cricket, Football and music. Have a keen interest in social causes and believe in the cause of upliftment of the underprivileged.

Internship Period: Feb 1st to 24th 2016
Internship Project: Studying and analyzing the motivators and techniques used by teachers in Govt. and Pvt. Schools.

Why chose to intern with AID: I believe that education is the biggest enabler and a key to India's future considering our demographics. It is therefore my passion to work on this area which will have a big impact on our future as a whole.

Name: Ketan Munoth
From: Chennai
Institution: NMIMS, Mumbai
Bio: An aspiring entrepreneur who believes the real learning happens from on field experiences. Currently he is pursuing MBA from NMIMS University. Prior to this he was working for 2 years in an IT Hardware distribution company. He has done his BBA from Loyola College, Chennai. He comes from a family of businessmen and they believe in the cause of education and empowerment.

Internship Period: 1st - 24th February 2016
Internship Project: Analysis of the Implementation of Eureka Superkids Program in different educational Institutions.

Why chose to intern with AID: AID India's focus on education through Eureka Superkids Program really inspired for the work they do and that too on a massive scale.

Name: Nandini Suryanarayanan
From: Chennai
Institution: NMIMS, Mumbai
Bio: She did her schooling in 5 different places all over India and did her Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Anna University. After working in Zoho Corporation for a year, she went on to do her MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai. She is also a theatre enthusiast and worked with ASAP Productions for a couple of years. She has a penchant for traveling and also believes in giving something back to the society.

Internship Period: Feb 2016
Internship Project: Analysis of the implementation of the Eureka Super Kids program in various government and private institutions.

Why chose to intern with AID: Always wanted to do my bit to help elevate the status of Education in India and found the perfect fit with Aid India through NMIMS.

Name: Kritika Kamra
From: Mumbai
Institution: NMIMS
Bio: Currently, I am pursuing MBA from NMIMS in the field of Marketing. Prior to this I did my Bcom.h from Delhi University and graduated in 2015 itself. I love experimenting with extra-curricular activities. I love theatre and have performed street as well as stage plays. I also love crafting which led to my start-up along with a friend, Crafts Mart. Exploring new things in life is what I have great passion about.

Internship Period: 1 - 24 Feb 2016
Internship Project: Content Development for Primary classes of the Eureka Schools

Why chose to intern with AID: Due to keen interest in working for children and the education condition of our country because I believe difference can be brought majorly by helping children get better education.

Name: Sathish Kumar P
From: Kolkata
Institution: NA
Bio: Being a commerce graduate, Sathish Kumar wanted to pursue a master's in social entrepreneurship as he desired to start a own business venture at his birth place. Hence, he landed up at RGNIYD to earn a postgraduate course in social innovation and entrepreneurship. While studying undergraduate degree, he worked as a sales representative for eight months in the year 2014 at an automobile industry located in Madurai. During school days, he won a number of accolades at state level basketball and district level athletic competitions. He is known for politeness and has strong interpersonal relationship skills. He never leaves a task unfinished as he values task completion as his foremost trait.

Internship Period: 15 Days
Internship Project: Eureka SuperKidz

Why chose to intern with AID: Basically I am, a sudden tempered person which troubles me in various incidents. Most properly as the rational thinker and discharge my duties with self confidence. I am looking forward to learn a lot from your respected organisation Aid India. I strongly believe that the experience I acquire from the organisation would help me shape my personality.

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‘Ennum Ezhuthum - 2017’ (numbers & letters) campaign was launched in 2008 in Tamil Nadu with the cause to spread the importance of quality education in the villages during the summer holidays (May – June).This is to ensure every child will learn to read Tamil words and solve 2 digit addition problems. This year, the campaign has been launched in 5,000 villages across various districts in Tamil Nadu.
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