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Sashikala Babu

After completing my graduation in Visual Communications, I worked in NDTV Hindi and Thanthi TV as an anchor and a producer for about 2 years. Currently I am working as a client service manager for an event management company.

There is a reason for me to choose volunteering. I was born in a lower middle class family where education was seen luxury – that too English medium. But my parents decided to educate me and my brother instead of investing on properties. Today whatever I am is the only cause of education. In a way to thank all the people who helped me and my family here and there to achieve our dreams and in a way to give something back to the society, I wanted to volunteer. The purpose had to be education. After hearing a lot about what AID India does, I just wanted to join them. It has been 2 years since I started volunteering.

Volunteering with AID India has been a great experience where I have got to interact with many different types of people from different walks of life. Especially people like Selva, Radha, Ravishankar and all others who are a great inspiration to me. I wish to give more time and do as much as possible for kids.

Sudeshna Kolay

I hail from Kolkata, West Bengal. I am currently pursuing my PhD Student in Computer Science. I ahve been volunteering for Aid India since August 2011.

I was looking for an opportunity to volunteer for an organisation that was interested in promoting education. I wanted to make sure that the organisation put in all its resources into what their main aim was - I had had some demoralising experience with a different organisation in the past and I was a little wary. I did extensive searches on the net and AID India seemed to be a really dedicated organisation.

I started by taking classes in spoken english in the Eureka school at Walodai. It was a little challenging since I didn't know Tamil. I also took part in similar courses at the Kotturpuram centre, and some teacher training activities at the Royapettah centre. Finally, I found out that I feel most comfortable developing content. I have helped in content development in English, math ans science. The organisation is very well founded and I am very happy volunteering with Eureka. I specially enjoy coming across unexpected glimpses of brilliance amongst the Eureka students. It is very heartening.

Saranya Munisamy

After graduating from NIT, Trichy with Civil Engineering degree, I started working with IBM from 2007. I have been a part of volunteering with various NGOs for the past 10 years.

I got associated with AID India in the year 2011 as a volunteer opportunity. I was inspired by the work that the team has been doing during education and wanted to continue my volunteering with them.

I have been to few centres in and around Chennai, mentoring kids for that chapter in Math and English. The syllabus and materials prepared and used by the team is not one day's effort. The team has put in a lot of effort and the resulting materials are very creative and knowledgeable. I am sometimes awe-struck when I meet some co-ordinators who are working full time here. The effect of the materials on the students are also tremendous. The way they assess the students is also unique and motivating.

Selva Kumar Tamilmarai Siddarthan

I'm basically from the south town of Tirunelveli where I did all my schooling. I graduated in Automobile engineering from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore. I have started my career in Ashok Leyland post graduation. I was associated with my college NSS club and served as Joint-secretary of the club during my college days. My NSS experience has actually seeded a volunteering desire in me for community development. Our NSS camp at Anaikatti village (Coimbatore) government school is a turnaround in my life in which I understood the significance of quality education for rural children.

After my career stints in Hosur, Pantnagar & Mumbai, I ended up in Chennai to work with Ashok Leyland. During my Mumbai days, I started contributing monetarily to "Save the Children" organisation. After a while. I realised that personal commitment & involvement in volunteering will make a much better impact than just tearing off a cheque leaf for an NGO. Once I was back in Chennai, I started searching in Google for NGOs which work for children education which landed me up with AID India and I was impressed with the model of improving quality of education through measurement & tracking of learning based outcomes. I am a staunch believer of the philosophy "What is not measurable is not manageable". So I immediately enrolled myself to volunteer with AID India.

Bindu Upadhyay

Graduated from IIT Madras in 2014. So far I have completed 5 and a half marathons (21.1 Kms) and several 10 Kms runs. I have always wanted to raise funds by running.

I chose AID INDIA after looking at the work done by you guys!! Also, I believe that primary school education can have much more impact in making this world a better place.

I am running more marathons, all barefoot. So far, I have raised INR 1.5 lacs so far. I guess I will increase the target looking at the response this campaign has been getting.

Kavitha Rajaram

Kavitha is a very motivated and dedicated volunteer who has been involved in almost every Eureka program. Kavitha entered the Eureka fold as a donor during the Battle of Buffet event in 2013. Her interest in the program prompted her to get more involved in the work. Despite her fulltime job at TCS, Kavitha has been extremely motivated to contribute as much of her free time to volunteer for Eureka. Her enthusiasm and energy has been very infectious and has brought in many more volunteers and donors to the Eureka family.

She has been instrumental in setting up the Maths lab at Eureka school, advocating the cause for quality education to many, raising funds for the Eureka program. Her inputs to improve program quality have enabled the Eureka team to rethink many of the program strategies and implement better.

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‘Ennum Ezhuthum - 2017’ (numbers & letters) campaign was launched in 2008 in Tamil Nadu with the cause to spread the importance of quality education in the villages during the summer holidays (May – June).This is to ensure every child will learn to read Tamil words and solve 2 digit addition problems. This year, the campaign has been launched in 5,000 villages across various districts in Tamil Nadu.
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