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The Eureka SuperKidz program has been especially designed for integrating the following key elements:

  • Specific learning goals for every month
  • Attractive learning tools & tricks in Tamil for Math and English to make learning fun and interesting
  • Regular evaluation and tracking through Skill Chart to identify and focus on children lagging in a particular skill.
  • Training teachers through interactive and innovative methods.
  • Village level events that showcase the achievements of children and tutors, to promote parent engagement and community involvement
  • ‘Eureka SuperKidz’ certifies all children enrolled in the program on achieving the targeted skills in each of the subjects.
  • ‘Eureka Super Teacher’ certificates are awarded to teachers who have been instrumental in bringing a remarkable change in the learning levels of students.

The program targets 50,000 children across Tamilnadu in the next academic year for improving their basic skills in Language and Math.

Donate options for individuals

  • Donate Rs. 50000 and support quality education for 100 children.
  • Donate Rs. 25000 and support quality education for 50 children.
  • Donate 5000 and support 10 children for a whole year (Rs. 500 / child / year).
  • You can also donate towards education of multiples of 10/20/30/ children.
News & Updates

‘Ennum Ezhuthum - 2017’ (numbers & letters) campaign was launched in 2008 in Tamil Nadu with the cause to spread the importance of quality education in the villages during the summer holidays (May – June).This is to ensure every child will learn to read Tamil words and solve 2 digit addition problems. This year, the campaign has been launched in 5,000 villages across various districts in Tamil Nadu.
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