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The Eureka SPARK (Skill Progress through Assessment and Remediation for Kids) program is a partnership program at improving the learning levels of children. The partnership can be with the school officials (AEEOs, DEEOs etc.) or with the management of other schools. We are currently partnering with 22 Institutions (20 NGOs and 2 AEEOs) across various districts in Tamilnadu. The goal is to get all children in classes 3-5 to acquire basic reading and arithmetic skills.

The Eureka SPARK program will include the following activities:

(a) Training of Teachers
(b) Assessment and Remediation classes for children
(c) Follow up review to share progress and best practices
(d) Certification and Declaration of skills

a) Training of Teachers: The Eureka SPARK training provides a systematic way of assessing reading and arithmetic levels and also documenting them on a “skill chart”. The skill-chart is a visual tool that aids teachers and officials to easily monitor and track progress in children. It also helps teachers identify lagging children easily and enables focus on these children.


b) Assessment and Remediation classes for children: Eureka team provides training to the teachers on how to conduct a “remediation” class and provide aids, methodologies and techniques to improve children’s learning upon request from the Institution.

c) Follow up review to share progress and best practices: We conduct follow up meetings to share progress and best practices as well as clarify any doubts or questions of the teachers. It is expected that the respected Institution heads/ the AEEOs or the respective school managements will visit and monitor the schools to track progress. The Eureka team will also provide on-field support to ensure smooth implementation of the program.


d) Certification and Declaration of skills: Certificates that boost the confidence of children, indicating they CAN read and CAN do arithmetic, are given to children who acquire basic skills. When all children in a class/school acquire these certificates, a simple declaration event can be held in the school that all children have acquired basic skills, and parents and other officials are also invited to this event to celebrate the achievement. Since tutors play a significant role in improving children’s skill levels through remedial classes, they are also recognized at various intervals.

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‘Ennum Ezhuthum - 2017’ (numbers & letters) campaign was launched in 2008 in Tamil Nadu with the cause to spread the importance of quality education in the villages during the summer holidays (May – June).This is to ensure every child will learn to read Tamil words and solve 2 digit addition problems. This year, the campaign has been launched in 5,000 villages across various districts in Tamil Nadu.
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