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Eureka Nursery and Primary Schools were founded in 2006 by AID INDIA and BancaSella, with the vision of providing high quality affordable education to rural children. Most children enrolled in Eureka Schools belong to poor families residing in villages around these schools. Eureka School makes a promise for a better achievement and a full potential amont the children, irrespective of the social and financial disadvantages.

Our core belief is that every child has the same potential. We ensure that every child acquires the skills expected of their age and class. Periodic skill assessments are carried out to keep track of a child’s learning and to provide special attention to those who are behind learning.

Our teaching methodology is outcome oriented and the school learning environment is “non-threatening”, thus making learning at Eureka Schools both fun and effective.

Why Eureka School?

Most children from lower and lower middle income families in rural Tamil Nadu attend either Government run schools or small private schools. These schools do not focus on or deliver learning quality for students.

Data on learning outcomes (Source: Annual Status of Education Report 2012 - shows that 70% Class 5 students in Tamil Nadu are unable to read Class 2 level text in Tamil, which is their mother tongue. Almost 60% Class 5 students in Tamil Nadu are unable to solve a simple 2-digit subtraction problem. 76% are unable to read simple sentences in English.

The rote teaching methodology in these schools fails to motivate children to come to school and learn. Many of these schools also suffer from poor infrastructure. There is a lack of fostering extra-curricular skills for children. Children find school boring and irrelevant. They are often rebuked in class and are hence, even afraid of school. The school internalizes a sense of inferiority.

The schools reinforce the assumption that children from disadvantaged economic or social backgrounds cannot learn as they are first generation learners, who do not receive parental support or other requirements.

In this context, the learning environment in Eureka School is a stark contrast.

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News & Updates

‘Ennum Ezhuthum - 2017’ (numbers & letters) campaign was launched in 2008 in Tamil Nadu with the cause to spread the importance of quality education in the villages during the summer holidays (May – June).This is to ensure every child will learn to read Tamil words and solve 2 digit addition problems. This year, the campaign has been launched in 5,000 villages across various districts in Tamil Nadu.
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