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Eureka Run

A brief recap about the Eureka Run by Radha, one of the founding members of the Run.

How was Eureka Run ​conceived​?

On a beautiful ​S​unday morning in October 2010, Balaji,​ ​ Chandra and I went for the BITS 5K Run at the Marina. The idea was to talk to the participants about the Eureka program and involve more volunteers. ​Post the run, we discussed ​over coffee ​that even though it was a small contingent of runners,​ their passion for​ the cause and their motivation to spread the word was quite inspiring.

And that very moment the idea of Eureka Run was conceived! The adrenaline rush​​ because of the run and the ​desire to create awareness about quality ​of education led us to decide that we will have the run on Children's day that very November! With just a month​ left​ for the planning we knew it was a huge challenge but tha​t's what's great about Eureka - we LOVE​ a difficult challenge.

Eureka Run​ - An annual event!

Balaji convened a meeting the very next day and everyone in the team took up tasks. We started reaching out to sponsors, colleges, running groups. It was a huge morale booster when Kodak agreed to be the title sponsor. With Selva ​Ganapathy ​leading the volunteer effort,​ ​the word got around very quickly and registrations started pouring in. The day of the run was festive! It was in the evening and the beach was thronging with people of all ages. Kids, youngsters, seniors and corporate heads were all set to run and spread the word about "Quality education for all​ children."

The run was a huge success and we got terrific media coverage and a very strong group of volunteers. It was decided that the Eureka Run will now be an ​annual event. The following years the Run was conducted by volunteers who took up complete ownership of the event. Over the years, the run became a fixture in November and people began calling us ahead to register​!​

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